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Date Sermon Title Speaker Scripture ID#
03/24/2019The Power & the Wisdom of God (3)Bill Parker1 Corinthians 1:21-24537view
03/17/2019The Power & the Wisdom of God (2)Bill Parker1 Corinthians 1:18-24538view
03/10/2019The Power & the Wisdom of God (1)Bill Parker1 Corinthians 2:14539view
03/03/2019Christ is PreciousBill Parker1 Peter 2:7540view
02/24/2019The Three R's of SalvationBill ParkerRomans 5:12541view
02/17/2019Born Again & Preserved by GodBill Parker1 Peter 1:3542view
02/10/2019Sanctification of the SpiritBill Parker1 Peter 1:2543view
02/03/2019The Near Righteousness of GodBill ParkerIsaiah 46:13544view
01/27/2019When the Lord Speaks PeaceBill ParkerPsalm 85:8545view
11/25/2018The Conclusion of the Matter (2)Bill ParkerEcclesiastes 12:14546view
11/18/2018The Conclusion of the Matter (1)Bill ParkerEcclesiastes 12:13-14547view
11/11/2018The Spiritual & the Carnal MindBill ParkerRomans 8:1-17548view
11/04/2018The Christian Struggle with Sin (3)Bill ParkerRomans 7:18-25549view
10/28/2018The Christian Struggle with Sin (2)Bill ParkerRomans 7:14-22550view
10/21/2018The Christian Struggle with Sin (1)Bill ParkerRomans 7:14551view
10/14/2018The Goodness of God's LawBill ParkerRomans 7:7-13552view
10/07/2018Serving in Newness of LifeBill ParkerRomans 7:6553view
09/30/2018Fruit unto GodBill ParkerRomans 7:4-6554view
09/23/2018Married to ChristBill ParkerRomans 7:1-4555view
09/16/2018Turning to the Lord (2)Bill Parker2 Corinthians 4:3-6556view
09/09/2018Turning to the Lord (1)Bill Parker2 Corinthians 3:12-18557view
09/02/2018The Glory of the New Covenant (2)Bill Parker2 Corinthians 3:6-12558view
08/26/2018The Glory of the New Covenant (1)Bill Parker2 Corinthians 3:1-6559view
08/19/2018A Prophecy of the New CovenantBill ParkerJeremiah 31:31560view
08/12/2018The Lord Our RighteousnessBill ParkerJeremiah 23:5-6561view
08/05/2018Search the ScripturesBill ParkerJohn 5:39562view
07/29/2018Things Concerning ChristBill ParkerLuke 24:25-27563view
07/22/2018God's Preserving GraceBill ParkerJohn 6:37-40564view
07/15/2018God's Regenerating GraceBill ParkerJohn 3:1-8565view
07/08/2018God's Redeeming GraceBill ParkerRomans 3:19-26566view
07/01/2018God's Electing GraceBill ParkerRomans 11:1-7567view
06/24/2018Old Man & New ManBill ParkerColossians 3:9-11568view
06/17/2018The Mortification of SinBill ParkerColossians 3:5-9569view
06/10/2018Risen with ChristBill ParkerColossians 3:1-4570view
06/03/2018Holding on to ChristBill ParkerColossians 2:19571view
05/27/2018Christ - the End of the LawBill ParkerColossians 2:14-20572view
05/20/2018The Operation of GodBill ParkerColossians 2:11-13573view
05/13/2018Complete in Christ - Part 2Bill ParkerColossians 2:9-18574view
05/06/2018Complete in Christ - Part 1Bill ParkerColossians 2:9-10575view
04/29/2018The Fullness of ChristBill ParkerColossians 1:19-25576view
04/22/2018The Preeminence of ChristBill ParkerColossians 1:12-18577view
04/15/2018Truly Blessed of God - Part 2Bill ParkerMatthew 5:4578view
04/08/2018Truly Blessed of God - Part 1Bill ParkerMatthew 5:1-3579view
04/01/2018The Liberty of God's Grace - Part 2Bill ParkerRomans 6:3-7, 17-18580view
03/25/2018The Liberty of God's Grace - Part 1Bill ParkerJohn 8:30-36581view
03/18/2018The Kingdom of ChristBill ParkerPsalm 2582view
03/11/2018The Godly and the UngodlyBill ParkerPsalm 1583view
03/04/2018JustifiedBill ParkerLuke 18:9-14584view
02/25/2018The Righteousness We NeedBill ParkerMatthew 5:20585view
02/18/2018One Body in Christ JesusBill ParkerEphesians 2:10-22586view
02/11/2018Together With ChristBill ParkerEphesians 2:1-10587view
02/04/2018Spiritual Death & Spiritual Life - Part 2Bill ParkerEphesians 2:1-5588view
01/28/2018Spiritual Death & Spiritual Life - Part 1Bill ParkerEphesians 2:1-3589view
01/21/2018The Gospel of Your Salvation - Part 2Bill ParkerEphesians 1:13-23590view
01/14/2018The Gospel of Your Salvation - Part 1Bill ParkerEphesians 1:13-16591view
01/07/2018The Sovereignty of GodBill ParkerEphesians 1:9-12592view
12/31/2017Accepted in the BelovedBill ParkerEphesians 1:5-9593view
12/24/2017Chosen in Christ - Part 2Bill ParkerEphesians 1:3-12594view
12/17/2017Chosen in Christ - Part 1Bill ParkerEphesians 1:1-5595view
12/10/2017The Doing of Righteousness - Part 6Bill Parker1 John 2:29596view
12/03/2017The Doing of Righteousness - Part 5Bill Parker1 John 2:29597view
11/26/2017The Doing of Righteousness - Part 4Bill Parker1 John 2:29598view
11/19/2017The Doing of Righteousness - Part 3Bill Parker1 John 2:29599view
11/12/2017The Doing of Righteousness - Part 2Bill Parker1 John 2:29600view
11/05/2017The Doing of Righteousness - Part 1Bill Parker1 John 2:29601view
10/29/2017What About the Jew?Bill ParkerRomans 2:28-29602view
10/22/2017One Way of SalvationBill ParkerJohn 14:6603view
10/15/2017Using the Law Lawfully - Part 4Bill Parker1 Timothy 1:8604view
10/08/2017Using the Law Lawfully - Part 3Bill Parker1 Timothy 1:8605view
10/01/2017Using the Law Lawfully - Part 2Bill Parker1 Timothy 1:8-11606view
09/24/2017Using the Law Lawfully - Part 1Bill Parker1 Timothy 1:8607view
09/17/2017Having the Mind of ChristBill Parker1 Corinthians 2:14-16608view
09/10/2017Salvation Full and FreeBill Parker1 Corinthians 2:10-13609view
09/03/2017Hidden Mysteries Revealed - Part 2Bill Parker1 Corinthians 2:9-12610view
08/27/2017Hidden Mysteries Revealed - Part 1Bill Parker1 Corinthians 2:6-9611view
08/20/2017A True Christian World View - Part 2Bill Parker1 Corinthians 2:6-12612view
08/13/2017A True Christian World View - Part 1Bill Parker1 Corinthians 2:6613view
08/06/2017Preaching Christ CrucifiedBill Parker1 Corinthians 2:1-5614view
07/30/2017The Seed of Abraham - Part 2Bill ParkerGalatians 3:22-29615view
07/23/2017The Seed of Abraham - Part 1Bill ParkerGalatians 3:15-22616view
07/16/2017Redemption AccomplishedBill ParkerGalatians 3:13-14617view
07/09/2017The Gospel Abraham BelievedBill ParkerGalatians 3:6-14618view
07/02/2017The Hearing of FaithBill ParkerGalatians 3:1-5619view
06/25/2017A True Believer's ConfidenceBill ParkerHebrews 10:32-39620view
06/18/2017Holding on For LifeBill ParkerHebrews 10:23621view
06/11/2017The New and Living WayBill ParkerHebrews 10:11-22622view
06/04/2017God's Good PleasureBill ParkerHebrews 10:1-10623view
05/28/2017The Blood of the TestamentBill ParkerHebrews 9:15-28624view
05/21/2017How to Have a Clear ConscienceBill ParkerHebrews 9:9-14625view
05/14/2017The Time of ReformationBill ParkerHebrews 9:1-14626view
05/07/2017A Perfect CovenantBill ParkerHebrews 8:7-13627view
04/30/2017A New and Faultless CovenantBill ParkerHebrews 8:7-13628view
04/23/2017Something BetterBill ParkerHebrews 8:6629view
04/16/2017 A Gospel Summary - Part 2Bill ParkerHebrews 8:1-8630view
04/09/2017A Gospel Summary - Part 1Bill ParkerHebrews 8:1-3631view
04/02/2017For Whom Did Jesus Christ Die? - Pt 2Bill ParkerHebrews 2:9-18632view
03/26/2017For Whom Did Jesus Christ Die - Part 1Bill ParkerHebrews 2:9-10633view
03/19/2017We See JesusBill ParkerHebrews 2:6-10634view
03/12/2017All Things Under ChristBill ParkerHebrews 2:1-6635view
03/05/2017Faith, Confidence, and ConvictionBill ParkerHebrews 11:1-6636view
02/26/2017The Power of God's Grace - Part 6Bill ParkerRomans 6:14-23637view
02/19/2017The Power of God's Grace - Part 5Bill ParkerRomans 6:7-18638view
02/12/2017The Power of God's Grace - Part 4Bill ParkerRomans 6:1-9639view
02/05/2017The Power of God's Grace - Part 3Bill ParkerRomans 6:1-6640view
01/29/2017The Power of God's Grace - Part 2Bill ParkerRomans 6:1-3641view
01/15/2017The Power of God's Grace - Part 1Bill ParkerRomans 5:21642view
01/08/2017The Word of God's GraceBill ParkerActs 20:20-31643view
01/01/2017The Law of Sowing & ReapingBill ParkerGalatians 6:7644view
12/25/2016The True MessiahBill ParkerIsaiah 9:6-7645view
12/18/2016Peace Through the BloodBill ParkerColossians 1:20646view
12/11/2016The Need for Self-ExaminationBill Parker2 Corinthians 13:5647view
12/04/2016The Salvation of God's Church - Part 2Bill ParkerEphesians 2:11-22648view
11/27/2016The Salvation of God's Church - Part 1Bill ParkerEphesians 2:5-13649view
11/20/2016By Grace You Are SavedBill ParkerEphesians 2:8-10650view
11/13/2016Quickened Together with ChristBill ParkerEphesians 2:1-7651view
11/06/2016The Quickening of God's Grace - Part 2Bill ParkerEphesians 2:1-6652view
10/30/2016The Quickening of God's Grace - Part 1Bill ParkerEphesians 2:1-3653view
10/09/2016Living unto GodBill ParkerGalatians 2:19-21654view
10/02/2016To Have Eternal LifeBill ParkerMatthew 19:16-26655view
09/25/2016Election and CallingBill Parker2 Peter 1-10656view
09/18/2016Sins Remembered No MoreBill ParkerHebrews 10:14-18657view
09/11/2016What About the "Unpardonable Sin"?Bill ParkerMatthew 12:30-32658view
09/04/2012Righteousness Imputed Without WorksBill ParkerRomans 4:1-2659view
08/28/2016What is a Christian? - Lesson 16 - Christians Persevere unto the End - Pt 2Bill Parker660view
08/21/2016What is a Christian? - Lesson 15 - Christians Persevere unto the End - Pt 1Bill Parker661view

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